Mauro Juliany Cogo began to study music at the age of fourteen. He started on the guitar with Wesley César. Later, he studied with Mozart Mello, Faíska, Wander Taffo, Claudio Celso and others from the earliest generation of São Paulo’s IGT (Institute of Guitar And Technology). He then achieved an advanced level with Aldo Landi, with whom Cogo studied improvisation, jazz, MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) and initiated his courses of arrangement and orchestration. He completed these studies later with Frederico Zimmermann Aranha.
During more than ten years of regular musical practice, Mauro Juliany Cogo also took singing lessons with Regina Carvalho and Nancy Miranda. At the Cameratti school, where he taught, he had percussion classes with Formiga. Throughout this period, he gave his first steps in the world of audio, recording and producing his bands. In 1997, he enlarged this experience at the Cia de Áudio, a mastering studio. Afterwards, Cogo was co-founder of Alchimia, a music studio of which he was partner for five years.
There, he produced and recorded rock and metal bands that achieved considerable repercussion, such as Panzer, Tomada, Assédio Social, Scars, Nau Capitânia, Andrômeda, O Uivo and Chasing Fear. At 2005, he has his own production infra-structure with the Soundup Studio, featuring the work with Agression Tales, C.O.A, Reviolence, and the production of debut Imbyra album (2009).
His strongest references, are the classic hard-rock and metal bands, including guitar players such as Tony Iommi, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde e Ritchie Blackmore. Even having worked with production for nearly ten years, Cogo is only releasing his first official CD at 2006 – M.Juliany-s The Battle.
The continuity of this project comes now in the second CD Lost Ancient Land, which had his production initiated into 2007 but it had his launch postponed up to the suggestive date of 21/12/2012, where for many people it might be the end of the world, but for others it is a new beginning